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Zimbabwe Safari Lodges offer breathtaking Big 5 safari experiences in Africa.

The safari lodges of Zimbabwe are often overlooked as neighbours Zambia, Botswana and South Africa have been known as luxury safari destinations for decades.

Zimbabwe’s time has finally come!

Zimbabwe can now take its rightful place among Africa’s premier Big 5 safari destinations.

Zimbabwe is best known for its many attractions, diverse culture, abundant wildlife, and hospitable people.

This beautiful country has many gems, including five UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The UNESCO Heritage Sites include Mana Pools National Park, Matobo National Park, Victoria Falls, Great Zimbabwe, and Khami Ruins.

Below we will offer a little more information about the Zimbabwe Safari lodge regions.

Each of these safari regions of Zimbabwe is unique and special in its way.

Victoria Falls Safari Lodges:

Iconic and impressive, Victoria Falls is the most visited attraction in Zimbabwe.

The Victoria Falls region is located in the western part of Zimbabwe offering a great gateway to the massive waterfall and the safari lodges and camps.

Fondly known as “The Smoke that Thunders” and touted as the adrenaline capital of Africa, the mighty Victoria Falls offers several thrilling activities, such as white-water rafting, bungee jumping, and helicopter flights over colossal cascading waters.

The sheer volume of water that tumbles over the 1.6km long cliff and plunges 110m into the Batoka Gorge below, is phenomenal.

The rising spray and mist can be seen from almost 50 km away.

Both Zambia and Zimbabwe offer spectacular views of the waterfall, but perhaps (just perhaps) Zimbabwe takes the top spot for the most majestic angles.

There are luxury safari lodges to be found on the Zimbabwe side of Victoria Falls.

Mana Pools National Park Safari Lodges:

Downstream from Victoria Falls, we follow the mighty Zambezi River to come upon another World Heritage Site, Mana Pools.

Of all the magnificent sights in Zimbabwe, Mana Pools was the first to be designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it’s easy to see why.

Forming a large part of Mana Pools National Park, these four massive oxbow pools were created by the changing currents of the Zambezi over thousands of years.

The Mana Pools National Park is a network of mini waterways and hippo-strewn sandbanks, with startlingly green grasslands and groves of mahogany trees sheltering a spectacular amount of game, including wild dogs, buffalo and lion.

Mana Pools is a wonderland for walking and canoeing safaris.

The Zambezi River runs through the park, attracting elephants in their droves and canoeists looking for an epic water-based safari.

Some of the best and most luxurious Zimbabwe safari lodges can be found in Mana Pools.

Hwange National Park Safari Lodges:

The Hwange National Park is home to the Big 5, including large elephant herds, and over 400 species of birdlife, making this one of the best safari lodge regions in Zimbabwe.

Hwange seems to only get better with age.

Designated a national park in 1928, it’s one of the oldest on the African continent and the largest in Zimbabwe at 14 650 square kilometres.

Hwange is one of Africa’s biggest conservation areas and provides an ideal setting to experience Zimbabwe’s rich world of natural splendour.

Elephants are the stars of the show here however, and the enormous mammals plod majestically over the plains and through the pretty safari camps to get to their drinking holes (sometimes the camp swimming pool).

Lake Kariba Safari Lodges:

Being the world’s largest man-made lake by volume, Lake Kariba borders Zambia and Zimbabwe which is teeming with a great variety of wildlife.

Herds of buffalo and elephants congregate here, while the surrounding wilderness of Matusadona is home to the rest of the Big Five and much more making Lake Kariba one of the “hottest” safari areas in Zimbabwe.

The sunsets are truly spectacular at Lake Kariba (especially if you are on the water).

The dam was built to produce hydroelectricity for use by both Zimbabwe and Zambia and the town of Kariba was built to accommodate the construction workers between 1958 to 1963.

After the dam wall collapsed and the dam flooded, it became known as Lake Kariba, which today, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Zimbabwe.

Lake Kariba is famous for its houseboats and floating chalets.

Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve Safari Lodges:

The game-rich Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve in Zimbabwe stretches over 124,000 acres of untamed African wilderness in the southern region of Zimbabwe, bordering the Gonarezhou National Park.

Malilangwe Park is renowned for its unique sandstone outcrops, Mopane forests, Baobab trees and over 120 rock art sites that are over 2000 years old.

Wildlife sightings are exceptional in Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve – a high concentration of black and white rhinos, abundant general game, large breeding herds of elephants and an extensive bird species.

Wild dogs raise their pups in the sandstone outcrops and white lions are spotted regularly.

The lake’s rich diversity of fish will satisfy any angler.

Tiger fishing using fly, lure or bait is the most popular.

Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve is accessible all year by road or scheduled / charter flights.

Gonarezhou National Park Safari Lodges:

Gonarezhou, named “the place of elephants”, is Zimbabwe’s 2nd largest national park and one of its most famed wilderness areas.

Stretching over 5053 square kilometres from the Save River in the North to the Mwenezi River in the South, the park is home to some of the most spectacular landscapes in southern Africa – including the iconic Chilojo Cliffs.

The Gonarezhou National Park is about experiencing the untouched wonders of the Zimbabwean Lowveld.

A variety of activities are available in Gonarezhou.

A guided safari in Gonarezhou National Park is all about appreciating this unique African wilderness.

One of the most unique Zimbabwe Safari Lodge regions.

Matobo National Park Safari Lodges:

If you like your game viewing served with a spot of culture and a touch of history, then Matobo is the place for you.

Located close to Bulawayo, Matobo National Park is noted for its spectacular granite rock formations and its wealth of ancient rock paintings, so much so, that it has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The final resting place of Cecil John Rhodes, the Matopos Hills is known for the enormous piles of Flinstone-esque boulders, nerve-shatteringly balanced against each other and littered across the wooded landscape.

Their smooth curves contain some of the best rock art in Southern Africa, dating back at least 2000 years from the San bushmen.

The majestic and rugged terrain of the park is a hiker’s paradise, and the diversity of the vegetation supports a wide range of wildlife.

Matobo National Park also includes an Intensive Protection Zone where a large population of Black and White rhinoceros is successfully breeding.

This park is ideal to enjoy your safari lodges in Zimbabwe.

Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe Safari Lodges:

The Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe runs along the border with Mozambique.

Rolling Hills are carpeted in green, lush forests, rugged peaks rise from swirling mists and waterfalls cascade into deep gorges, rivers and lakes.

The highlands are made of 3 sub-regions (if we can call it that).

  1. The lolloping tea plantations of the Nyanga.
  2. The granite turrets of the Chimanimani Mountains.
  3. The green meadows and coffee bushes of the Byumbe range.

The Eastern Highlands is an area where you can enjoy being outdoors and participating in anything from a gentle stroll to epic mountain climbs, bike rides and more.

We look forward to hosting you at a Zimbabwe Safari Lodge soon.

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